World’s luckiest dog makes miracle escape as rally car misses head by INCHES


This dog could be the world’s luckiest after unwittingly becoming the subject of a movie-worthy stunt.

The pup was happily trotting along the hillside without a care in the world in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Little did he know, he was right in the middle of the Codasur 2016 rally, reports the Daily Record.

We’re not sure who might have had the biggest fright – the little black and white dog or the driver from Uruguay, Fernando Zuasnabar.

But the souped-up rally car screeches round the corner, launches into the air and flies over the top of the little pet’s head, leaving it completely unscathed, if a bit shocked.

It’s not likely the driver somehow saw the dog and managed to send the car into the air over the top of it, so we’ve decided this little chappie is most definitely the luckiest dog on the planet.

News Source MirrorNews

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