Woman pays for her foot and part of her arm to be cut off – just to claim the insurance money


A woman paid a friend to cut off her foot and part of her arm so she could claim an insurance payoff, police have said.

The woman, 30, from Hanoi, named by officers in Vietnam as Ly Thi N, claimed she had been hit by a train.

The People’s Police Newspaper of Vietnam has reported however that she shelled out £1,660 to a friend to carry out the procedure in the hope that she would later be able to claim more than £110,000 from insurers.

Acting as a bystander, the friend – named as Doan Van D – then called the police officers on her behalf, claiming to have found the woman injured.

The story has sparked heated social media debate in the country.

Facebook user Ly Phan wrote: “A very typical case of insurance fraud. The kind of joke that only happens in Vietnam.

“Lost 50 million, 1 hand, 1 leg, and now you are at risk to go to jail. No benefit at all.”

But others have turned their attention to how desperate the woman must have been to go to such extreme measures for money.

Thanh Phuong Quynh Le said: “She may be going bankrupt or urgently need money to do something like that. It is never easy to cheat insurance companies.”

Speaking to the BBC, Le Van Luan, of the Hanoi Bar Association, said: “We need a new article for this kind of fraud.

“Her self-harm is horrible and extremely rare.”

News Source MirrorNews

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