Whale photobombs man in amazing holiday snap that’s definitely one for the album


A man who was snapping some holiday shots while in the Pacific Ocean has shared one of the best photobombs of all time – as a WHALE popped up in his selfie.

Will Rosner has been travelling for 18 months, but says that the moment when the 15m mammal popped up to say hello is one of the highlights.

The 24-year-old Australian was swimming off Tonga when a pod of up to 15 humpback whales turned up – and he was able to swim with them for around six hours.

Rosner shared the image on his Instagram page , saying that he was having a “whale of a time” and adding: “selfie game on point.”

He added: “I never imagined just how curious a whale could be. This humpback swam with us, playing, diving, singing, dancing and splashing water on us for 30 minutes.

“It stared me straight in the eye before it felt me with its tail and lifted me out of the water.”

Of this animal, pictured below, he told his 3,100 followers: “I had a great six hour adventure with this big girl and her 15 friends.

“Apparently all of her scars are from defending her calves from orcas. I was half the size of one of its flippers.”

He also swam with one of the humpbacks and her “playful newborn calf”, he says with a snap of the pair.

He revealed that one of the animals “played with us like an excited dog”, adding: “Those flippers are 4m long.”

Humpback whales can grow to be up to 15m in adulthood, weighing anything up to 36,000kg.

News Source MirrorNews

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