Westworld coding at the heart of gaming lawsuit between Bethesda Softworks and Behaviour Interactive

The popular HBO series Westworld is at the heart of a new suit between Bethesda Softworks and Behaviour Interactive.

Bethesda Softworks is suing both Behaviour Interactive and Warner Bros., who hired the latter, over a new game adaptation of Westworld (also titled Westworld), claiming Behaviour unlawfully used codes, designs and artwork they had developed for another game titled Fallout Shelter, according to a report from TMZ.

Bethesda said in court docs that it initially employed Behaviour to work on its game Fallout Shelter four years back. 

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Headed to court Bethesda Softworks, which had an E3 showcase in LA last week, is suing Behaviour Interactive and Warner Bros. over a game for the HBO series Westworld

Two years later – after Westworld’s high-profile debut on HBO – Behaviour began working on the Westworld game.

Bethesda told the court that Behaviour cribbed coding for the Westworld game from Fallout Shelter, as identical bugs in the latter appear in the Westworld game, TMZ reported.

Bethesda has asked the court to nix the fame and award financial penalties based on the aforementioned violations.

The premise of the mobile game shows the user as a worker for the company that runs Westworld, Delos. 

Leading ladies Maeve (L), played by Thandie Newton, and Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood, are among the show’s stalwarts featured in the game 

Body shop Felix looks to revive a damaged Maeve in this grab from the game 

‘As a new Delos employee, learn to control Westworld,’ a website for the game reads. ‘From bloody sunrises to romantic sunsets, you’ll pair Guests with Hosts, fulfilling their wildest dreams from the shadows. 

‘Because in a world ruled by desire, everyone has a role to play. Including you.’

It invites users to ‘explore the iconic locations and interact with familiar characters’ on the series, including Maeve (Thandie Newton), Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins).

The game is currently available via the App Store and Google Play.

Westworld’s season two finale airs Sunday on HBO at 9/8c. 

Mission control The park’s 3D map and security center are featured in the game 

Familiar faces The game features a large assortment of characters from the HBO series

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