Watching this video of himself making New Year’s cocktails inspired a man to lose THREE stone


Karl Slater weighed 1 9 stone at his heaviest and children at the school where he taught told him to stop eating biscuits.

As a father of a young daughter he was frightened about the impact his bulk would have on his health in the future.

But it was watching back a celebratory video of himself one New Year’s Eve – as he made cocktails for friends – which really shook him into taking charge of his health and lose weight .

Karl said: It was New Year’s Eve when I decided to start my weight loss journey .

“My girlfriend took a video of me making cocktails for the family and when I watched it back I saw myself from an angle I hadn’t seen before, and I realised just how much weight I had put on.

“That video made me want to make a change for the better.

“I also have a young daughter and I wanted to get fitter and healthier for her too.”

Since he embarked on his new lifestyle he has gone from XXL shirts to Medium and his waist has gone from 46 inches to 38 inches.

He has also been inspired to shift his weight by the attention of pupils at the school where he taught.

He said: “As a teacher I was always worried about the comments that kids might say and when I was bigger I did get the odd comment from pupils.

“One sticks in my mind – it was ‘biscuit Friday’, something that we did at the school as a treat for the kids on a Friday.

“They would all be allowed a biscuit with their milk, one little boy said ‘Mr Slater you shouldn’t have too many biscuits’.

“I knew he was saying it because I was overweight, but to be honest those kind of comments just made me even more determined to reach my goals.”

To shift the weight Karl started using Slimfast, which works by replacing meals with drinks and health bars.

He says the effect not only on his weight but how he feels has been dramatic.

He said: “Before I started SlimFast I felt lethargic and tired most of the time, but after losing the weight simple tasks such as walking have become much easier and I feel more energetic and confident in myself.

“I now can walk up to 13 miles in one session, something I never thought would be possible. My work clothes have become looser and people have started commenting on how well I’m looking.

I would definitely recommend SlimFast to others and my advice would be to just stick with it, drink as much water as possible and increase your physical activity.

“SlimFast has enabled me to lose weight, gain confidence and lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

“I found it easy to stick to, simple and easy to follow and the benefits can be felt straight away.

“I drank the shakes and had fruit as my snacks throughout the day, meaning I only have to think about my evening meals.

“I found it hard for the first few weeks but that soon passed and I began to feel the results straight away. I started seeing the difference quickly too.”

His new body has allowed him to take on challenges he previously thought impossible, adding: “I had set myself the challenge of completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge for charity.

“I love walking and after losing the weight I am inspired to finally attempt to complete the challenge.

“I know I couldn’t have attempted it without the weight loss.

“We are set to take the challenge later this year.”

News Source MirrorNews

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