Voice of the Mirror: Workers not well served by laws governing BHS closure


BHS vanishing from our High Streets after 88 years, as the chain’s last stores shut, is not the closure of this scandal.

Huge debts are still to be settled with a shop full of unsavoury characters – from shifty tycoon Philip Green and his tax haven-based wife Tina to three-time bankrupt Dominic Chappell, accused of short-changing loyal staff, company pensioners and suppliers.

None of them must be allowed to walk away from deals which expose how capitalism shouldn’t work.

If the law needs changing to protect workers and suppliers from sharks, let’s change the law.

And while they’re enjoying the high life on their £100million floating gin palace, the Greens – estimated to be worth £3.5billion between them – should do the decent thing and plug the £571million pensions black hole.

Nobody can be allowed to sail away into the sunset, avoiding public responsibilities by giving away a company for a token £1 to a geezer obviously out of his depth.

The BHS scandal isn’t over.

News Source MirrorNews

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