Voice of the Mirror: We can’t let fear rule us after tragic backpacker killing


The savage killing of British backpacker Mia Ayliffe-Chung and serious injuries inflicted on a man in the same Queensland hostel are utterly tragic crimes.

It is heartbreaking to see photos of Mia smiling in the recent past and to read of her achievements and dreams. She had so much to offer this world and the thoughts of many will be with a grieving family and friends.

The alleged killer from France supposedly shouting Allahu Akbar adds to the misery when so many have lost their lives to religious fanatics.

Such random attacks on youngsters understandably cause huge concern for parents, worrying for the safety of their own children.

The truth is, these atrocities remain extremely rare, although we accept that will be of little comfort to Mia’s nearest and dearest.

Terrorists triumph when we are cowed. Britain is a welcoming country and the world welcomes Britons, so we hope the tragedy in Australia doesn’t deter our young travelling far and wide.

Most people, of all faiths and none, in countries across the globe, are decent and peace-loving. We must never lose sight of that.

News Source MirrorNews

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