Villagers in Kent complain pair of ‘terrorist’ peahens are causing chaos 


Villagers in Kent have complained that a pair of “terrorist” peahens are ruining their lawns by digging deep holes, damaging belongings by getting into houses and trampling over flowers. 

Jean Talboys, a resident in Hollingbourne, Kent, spoke out after the birds, which have been causing damage since Easter, entered a disabled man’s house via his French doors last week and started pecking at his belongings. 

Residents have tried to call nearby attractions, including Leeds Castle and the Mercure Maidstone Great Danes Hotel, in an effort to track down the owners, but no one has come forward. 

Mrs Talboys, 85, said: “We’ve had problems with them for several months but in the past week they have really overstepped the mark because they got into the house of a severely disabled gentleman through his open French windows. They leave mess, squash plants, dig deep holes in gardens and cause tremendous damage, it’s just not on.”

She added: “They’ve often entered my garden and settled down as if they owned the place. I suggest when they are caught they have their wings clipped because they really shouldn’t be doing this. I know it’s part of country life, but going into a house is really too much, something needs to get done.”

Another resident, who asked not to be named, said: “They’re a real menace – my wife and I have called them the ‘terrorist twosome’. I’ll be glad to see the back of them; they dug up my geraniums.”

Staff at Leeds Castle are believed to have said they would rehome the peahens, but would initially only collect the animals if they were captured by villagers. But Mrs Talboys said in a later conversation, a member of staff had said they would take them away next time they appeared. 

If spotted, residents are asked to entice the birds into a shed, garage or conservatory with some bird food so they can be captured.

Last July a peacock called Percy caused £3,000 of damage by pecking his own reflection in shop windows in Hatton, Warwickshire.

News Source TelegraphNews

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