Utah climbers go missing in Pakistan


Two climbers from Utah are missing in Pakistan, where they were attempting to make a treacherous ascent up an icy mountain.

Well known alpinists Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson were due back at base camp on 26 August after leaving five days earlier to begin their ascent up the north face of Ogre II off the Choktoi glacier in the north of the country, said Jonathan Thesenga of Black Diamond Equipment, which sponsors Dempster.

Snowy and cloudy conditions were hindering rescue efforts, which began on Sunday, he said. Four guides have climbed up the mountain taking extra food, sleeping bags and tents.

The Pakistani government has offered to send military helicopters if weather permits, Thesenga said.

Dempster, 33, and Adamson, 34, are two of the most accomplished alpinists of their generation, he said. Thesenga said the pair made the same attempt last year, when Dempster broke his leg after a 100ft fall and the two then fell 400ft while trying to get down the mountain.

Six other climbers, including two from the US, were at base camp on the mountain and ready to ascend if they were needed to help, he said.

They have built their careers on cutting-edge alpine ascents from Pakistan to Alaska, Thesenga said. We remain optimistic that they are going to get out of the mountains and have this amazing story of survival to share.

News Source TheGuardianNews

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