US sailors and their dogs rescued after five months at sea

US sailors and their dogs rescued after five months at sea

Two female sailors who had been adrift in the Pacific ocean for five months were rescued by the US Navy along with their dogs.

Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiaba, both from from Honolulu,  had set off in a small sailing boat from Hawaii on a trip to Tahiti – but their engine failed, setting them adrift.

Their boat then floated    1,500km (930 miles) southeast of Japan, where a fishing boat alerted authorities to the plight of the two women.

They saved our lives, Ms Appel said, continuing: The pride and smiles we had when we saw [the US Navy] on the horizon was pure relief.

The two sailors originally thought they could reach land by using wind and sails, according to the Navy.

It said in a statement:   Two months into their journey and long past when they originally estimated they would reach Tahiti, they began to issue distress calls .

The navy added that the  yachtsmen tried daily to issue these distress calls, but they were not picked up as they were not close enough to other vessels or shore stations .

The two would have surely perished if they had not loaded their boat with    a water purifier and a large store of dry goods such as oatmeal and pasta.

The U.S. Navy is postured to assist any distressed mariner of any nationality during any type of situation, said Cmdr. Steven Wasson, Ashland’s commanding officer.  

News Source TelegraphNews

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