UK weather Hottest day of the year for Britain as temperatures hit balmy 16C as Spring FINALLY gets underway

Britain will enjoy its hottest day of the year in some places today – although the difference in temperatures across the country is staggering.

Forecasters say it is finally starting to feel like spring, with temperatures set to hit highs of 16°C today.

The Met Office said temperatures will finally rise to the mid teens after the recent cold snap.

It’s not all good news though, with chilly weather set to continue in Scotland, and the Met Office today revealed there’s a 20°C variation between Kinbrace in northern Scotland and Camborne in southwest England.

Today is expected to be a mild day in the south, with rain moving northwards.

Most places in the south will enjoy temperatures in the low to mid-teens, as the mercury rises up to 6°C above the seasonal average.

It is expected to be drier and brighter across Wales and southern England, but colder in the north, with the temperature in Newcastle expected to be around 7°C.

Maximum temperatures are expected to soar to 16°C in the southeast by Saturday – around 14°C warmer than it was this time last week.

The warmer outlook will be brought to Britain due to a change in wind direction, with a south-westerly airflow expected to usher in more humid conditions from the Atlantic.

But despite the milder conditions, clear skies and sunny spells are not guaranteed, according to forecasters.

The south-westerly flow will lead to much more, cloudy, muggy and damp weather, with heavy downpours set to soak all of the country as the ‘Pest from the West’ heads towards Britain.

Katie Greening, forecaster of The Weather Channel, said Temperatures will lift 5 or 6C above the seasonal average as tropical air pools northward over Europe this week – wiping out any risk of overnight frost or ice.

The jet stream will be positioned across southern Europe, directing a conveyor belt of lows toward Western Europe.

As a result, a deep and vigorous low will approach western Europe over the weekend and into the early part of next week.

Associated to the system will be some bands of rain, generally showery, heavy and thundery at times, and falling as snow over high ground.

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