Two disabled women are ‘murdered and sold as GHOST brides for dead bachelors’


Three men murdered two mentally disabled women to sell their corpses as ‘ghost brides’ for dead bachelors, police have alleged.

One of the suspects is accused of promising to find the women grooms before injecting them with lethal drugs and transporting the bodies hundreds of miles for a funeral .

Ghost weddings have been practiced in China for nearly 3,000 years because families in rural parts of the country believe it is bad luck for a man to be single when going into the afterlife.

Corpses of younger women can be sold for up to £10,000 which has sparked a black market with dozens of bodies stolen from burial sites across China in recent years.

The arrested men were stopped by police when they were allegedly driving a corpse to Shaanxi for a ghost wedding.

Ma admitted to investigators that he had promised to find the woman a groom before injecting her with powerful sedatives which killed her, The Telegraph reported .

It comes just months after he killed another woman in similar circumstances before selling the body, according to police.

He is facing a murder charge while his accomplices are facing trials on suspicion of human trafficking and concealing the murder.

News Source MirrorNews

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