Two dead after car chased by police crashes into pedestrians


Two people have died after being hit by a car that was being chased by police in Penge, south-east London, this afternoon.

The Metropolitan police said the vehicle had hit a number of members of the public.

An air ambulance and the ambulance service treated pedestrians and two people were declared dead at the scene. Their names have not yet been revealed.

The police were awaiting updates on whether any others were injured.

The accident happened on Lennard Road shortly after 2pm. The driver of the car has been arrested and is being held at a south London police station.

Investigators from the Independent Police Complaints Commission, the police watchdog, were on their way to the scene, a spokesman told the Guardian.

The Met’s internal Directorate of Professional Standards has also been informed.

One witness who helped in the aftermath of the crash said a woman in her 30s or 40s and a child aged about 10 had been killed.

One man who lives near the scene said: It was a horrific scene on a sunny afternoon in a sleepy place.

He said a black car was being chased by two police BMWs when it tried to turn into Lennard Road. He lost control and ploughed into a family that was walking on the pavement.

People were trying to lift a car off a little girl. The police officers that were chasing were distraught.

News Source TheGuardianNews

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