Tuesday’s national newspaper front pages


:: Metro

‘So Brits DO quit,’ says the paper in its main headline, as it covers David Cameron’s resignation.

:: The Daily Telegraph 

The former PM’s decision to stand down as an MP was made to avoid a split with his successor Theresa May, says the Telegraph. 

:: The Times

Mr Cameron will make defending his education legacy, including free schools, a priority outside parliament. 

:: The Guardian

The paper’s angle is that David Cameron did not say what he intended to do with his life outside politics.

:: Daily Mail

The former PM said he feared being a distraction to his successor. 

:: Daily Express

Almost half a million people in England have type two diabetes but do not know it. 

:: Daily Star, Daily Mirror, The Sun

The three tabloids lead on the BBC losing The Great British Bake Off to Channel 4. 

:: Financial Times

The prospect of a Federal Reserve interest rate rise this month is getting less likely, reports the FT. 

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News Source SkyNews

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