Tubby takeaway addict splits from girlfriend and transforms into seriously toned Adonis


Steve Anderson had always lived an active lifestyle and never had to worry about his weight or what he looked like.

One day that all changed when he lost his job and became locked in a spiral of overeating and heavy drinking .

Then his relationship collapsed.

Steve explained: I was always fit and active up to the age of 22.

“I played for two junior golf teams, I swam and cycled regularly and I also weight trained four times a week.

Two years ago after I lost my job I became really down and just stopped all exercise . I was drinking near enough ever night and I started living of takeaways.

Steve’s situation began to put strain on his relationship with his girlfriend, who he lived with at the time, and the two eventually decided to split.

He continued: Everything just wasn’t right and we’d both had enough. I didn’t feel myself and I wasn’t happy; I went from being really outgoing and confident to someone that had basically just given up.

I moved back to my Mum’s and joined a local gym straight away, I just wanted to feel like the old me again.

“I hated the way I looked and it wasn’t who I was – I felt trapped in a body that was no longer mine.

Steve worked in a gym when he was young, so immediately felt at home in his new surroundings and set about losing the weight that he had gained since losing his job.

He said: I train six times a week and I’ve managed to lose five stone, dropping from 16 stone with a 36-inch waist to 11 stone with a 28-inch waist.

I’m really enjoying being in shape again and my goal now is to start working in the fitness industry and hopefully become a personal trainer.

Not only has Steve’s weight loss given him new job prospects, it has also helped him find love once more.

Steve continued: We started talking over social media before going on our first date to Newcastle Quayside.

“There is no way I would have been confident enough to ask her out if I had not lost so much weight and got back in shape.

It’s getting quite serious – we’re looking to become training partners before our holiday to Zante this summer and there’s even talk of moving in together.

Steve made his transformation by attending an Xercise4Less gym and improving his diet.

News Source MirrorNews

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