Trump news President slams Nike for ‘sending terrible message’ with Colin Kaepernick ads

Donald Trump has hit back at Nike over its controversial decision to make NFL outcast Colin Kaepernick the face of its new advertising campaign .

The President said the brand was sending a terrible message by featuring the quarterback, whose decision to kneel during the national anthem sparked a national controversy.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, Trump said I think as far as sending a message, I think it’s a terrible message and a message that shouldn’t be sent.

There’s no reason for it.

Trump, who has frequently railed against the decision by NFL players to kneel during the anthem, acknowledged that the company had certain freedoms to do things that other people think you shouldn’t do.

Nike’s move to put the American football star in its 30th anniversary ‘Just Do It’ campaign sparked a backlash amongst Trump’s supporters too.

Some set fire to trainers and clothing in protest Kaepernick appeared on ads with the slogan Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.

There has also been support for the campaign, with ex-CIA director John Brennan praising Kaepernick for highlighting continued racial injustice.

His protest at police brutality and race inequality led other players to also kneel instead of stand during the anthem and President Trump branded them sons of b*****s, demanding they be sacked.

In the backlash to the advert dozens shared videos of themselves destroying their trainers and clothing.

Sean Clancy posted video showing Nike running shoes in flames and wrote Nike forces me to choose between my favourite shoes and my country.

He then says he might go buy some Adidas.

But Nike has defended its decision, with vice-president Gino Fisanotti saying We believe Colin is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation who leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward.

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