Trouble in paradise Furious tourists fight over an umbrella on Saint Kitts beach in bizarre row

A bizarre video shows two middle-aged American tourists come to blows in spectacular style in a dispute over beach chairs and an umbrella.

The fight broke out in the stunning setting of Saint Kitts in the Caribbean when two parties of holidaymakers realised there were not enough to go around.

A man in a yellow shirt and carrying a backpack is seen ranting to workers about not getting a seat.

Fed up with his loud complaining, another man then tells him to ‘shut the f*** up’, before stating You’d think they f******* robbed you.

The aggrieved yellow-shirted man responded They did.

The second man responds No, they didn’t. They didn’t give you a f****** chair and an umbrella.

You got everything else. Just shut the f*** up and sit down.

But this seemed to incense the angry American still further, at which point he approached the table and appeared to spill his rival’s drink.

At this point the man in white loses his cool, and the clip shows him jump onto the bench and land a punch on the angry man.

A woman’s voice is heard screaming No! No! No!

Stunned beach staff quickly jumped in to drag the two apart.

It is not known if any action was taken against either of those involved.

News Source MirrorNews

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