Thursday’s National Newspaper Front Pages


:: The Daily Telegraph

Theresa May has defended a decision to lift a ban on new grammar schools by saying Britain already has selection by house price.

:: The Guardian

The government’s social mobility tsar has warned that expanding the grammar school system would be a disaster.

:: The Financial Times

The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has left open the possibility of further cuts in interest rates. 

:: Metro, The Sun

Both papers lead on Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley, and the wad of £50 notes he got out of his pocket as he went through a security search.    

:: Daily Mail

The paper reports that dementia patients are being failed by the NHS across most of the country, according to an official report.

::The i

There was fury in the Commons as Theresa May refused to discuss plans for Brexit. 

:: The Daily Star

A French family of ten is trying to get a mansion on benefits, the tabloid says.  

:: The Daily Mirror

Dogs, it reports, are being boiled alive in China for their meat. 

:: The Times

MPs are to leave parliament in a £4bn restoration plan. 

:: Daily Express

House prices, the Express reports on its front page, are to rise for five years. 

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