Theresa May will emerge ‘stronger’ if vote of no confidence ballot takes place

In my 30 years in politics, I’ve not seen such mayhem since another November, in 1990, when Tory sharks spat out Margaret Thatcher.

But there’s a difference in the feeding frenzy which did in the Iron Lady and the one swirling around Theresa May.

Monsters of the deep are circling, but so far their bark is worse than their bite. And Mrs May’s enemies are showing themselves as monsters out of their depth.

Brexiteer rabble-rouser-in-chief Jacob Rees-Mogg has yet to recruit the 48 MPs needed to force a vote of no confidence in the PM, let alone the 158 he needs to topple her.

If the ballot does take place next week, Mrs May will emerge stronger not weaker because, under Tory rules, there can be no further challenge for 12 months.

I imagine she’s secretly rubbing her hands with glee.

The big Commons vote on her Brexit deal next month is another matter.

Lose that, and her choice is either quit or put her deal to the country in a General Election.

That would see the bizarre spectacle of an election campaign in which the Tories fight each other. No wonder Jeremy Corbyn is pressing for it.

MPs on all sides of the Brexit divide are behaving like Daleks ready to exterminate whoever gets in their way.

They should remember we did not elect merciless cyborg aliens to represent us.

News Source MirrorNews

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