Theresa May to launch new Project Fear – scaring Brexiteers into backing her

Theresa May to launch new Project Fear – scaring Brexiteers into backing her

Theresa May is to launch a new Project Fear ?? scaring Brexiteers into backing her or be stuck in the EU.

The PM knows the arithmetic is stacked against her for getting her Brexit deal through the Commons next month.

So she will try to persuade Brexiteer rebels in Jacob Rees-Mogg??s European Research Group to switch sides.

Mrs May has already said ??The choice is this deal which delivers on the vote of the referendum or leave with no deal or no Brexit at all.?

Now the PM??s team are to step up their campaign to convince the Brexiteers she really means Brexit won??t happen.

They argue that if Parliament votes down Mrs May??s deal, and no deal, the only option is to stay in the EU.

A senior Whitehall source told us today ??We must make them understand that if they torpedo our deal the choice is not no deal. They will be the Brexiteers who ensure we don??t leave.?

Brexiteer Tory Andrew Bridgen says the 48 letters needed for a no confidence vote in the PM have now gone to 1922 Committee chair Sir Graham Brady.

But ERG claims that Sir Graham has told Government Chief Whip Julian Smith there will be a ballot were angrily denied by No10 today.

A Downing Street source said ??This is categorically not true. The next seven days are critical with all the PM??s focus on the next stage in the negotiations.?

The Sunday Mirror believes that by tonight Sir Graham had received no more than 33 letters.

It is not known if Dominic Raab ?? spotted buying a case of 12 Italian beers in Surrey to drown his sorrows after quitting as Brexit Secretary last week ?? was among the writers.

Mr Smith??s whips have been recalled to Westminster to help the PM fight for her political life.

They are leaning on those who have written letters to withdraw them and trying to persuade others not to write.

If there is a vote of confidence it would take 158 Tory MPs to topple Mrs May. She won support from Scottish Secretary David Mundell, who blasted the ??unprecedented onslaught? by critics. But the PM??s real test will come with the so-called ??meaningful vote? by all MPs on her Brexit deal next month.

For Mrs May the figures just do not stack up. She can rely on 249 Tory MPs to support her, with 51 Brexiteers likely to vote against.

The 10 DUP MPs say they will not back her, nor will 16 Tory remainers who want a second referendum. There may be 15 Labour rebels who would defy Jeremy Corbyn to vote with the Government. No10??s only hope is to persuade more Labour MPs to defect.

But a source said ??If Parliament chucks out our Brexit plan it will be for Parliament to decide what to do next.?

Whitehall sources predict MPs might have no alternative but to postpone or withdraw Article 50, which takes us out of the EU at 11pm on March 29.

Ambassadors of the 27 remaining EU member states meet today to put the finishing touches to the ??future relationship? with the UK.

And Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom is to meet pro-Brexit cabinet members who have concerns.

News Source MirrorNews

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