Theresa May reveals her shoes are the ‘greatest love’ of her life and that she dislikes her nose


Theresa May has said her shoes are the “greatest love” of her life and that she dislikes her nose, in a revealing personal interview with a local magazine.

The Prime Minister confessed that her shoes were here “greatest extravagance” and that her motto for life is ‘Don’t let the b******* get you down’, a phrase coined by British army intelligence officers during World War II.

Mrs May also admitted the historical figure she most relates to is Queen Elizabeth I, the monarch whose reign is often associated with England’s Golden Age.

Asked by Windsor, Maidenhead and Ascot magazine for the figure with whom she most identified, she replied: “Queen Elizabeth I – a woman who knew her own mind and achieved in a male environment.

“Remember her speech: ‘I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the stomach of a king.”

Mrs May also revealed she’s terrified of snakes, is “late all the time”, and that “perfect happiness” is walking in the Alps in Switzerland with her husband.

“Like Indiana Jones, I really don’t like snakes – although that might lead some to ask why I’m in politics!”, she joked.

Asked who or what was the greatest love of her life, Mrs May said: “What? Shoes. Who? My husband Philip.”

Mrs May love of shoes was first noted in 2002 when she took to the stage at the Tories  party conference and reprimanded her colleagues for their reputation as ‘the nasty party’ in a pair of leopard-print kitten heels.

She was immediately compared to Imelda Marcos- the wife of former Philipine dictator Ferdinand Marcos said to have owned 3000 pairs of shoes- and labelled a ‘shoeaholic’.

One of Mrs May’s friends once said: She doesn’t mind wearing something people wouldn’t expect her to wear. It’s not an attention-seeking thing, it’s defiant: ‘I know I have a brain and I’m serious so I can wear pretty shoes’.

Yesterday Mrs May was pictured in an unusually casual pair of deck shoes as she attended church in her constituency of Maidenhead.

Asked in a Q and A by the magazine if she believes in life after death, the vicar’s daughter said “yes” she did. The one question she refused to answer was “Have you ever said ‘I love you’ without meaning it?” To which she replied: “That’s a question no woman should answer.” 

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