Theresa May is ‘drifting’ towards Brexit and may have to delay Britain’s leaving date over impasse with EU, says Tony Blair

Theresa May could have to delay the March 2019 Brexit date because of the political impasse over the UK’s future outside the EU, Tony Blair will say.

The former prime minister will use a major speech to hit out at both the Tories and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour over the state of the Brexit process, demanding a more assertive Parliament and a fresh referendum on any deal with the EU.

His comments come in a speech in which he will warn about a rise of populism which risks a return to the 1930s and the danger of the West losing sight of the values which brought the US and Europe together.

He will tell the Chatham House foreign affairs think tank that he has never been more worried about the future of our country as a result of the Brexit process.

We should plan now for the possibility we need to extend the March 2019 deadline, he will say.

Presently, we are drifting towards March 2019 with no clear negotiating position, no resolution of the Northern Ireland question, still vaguely hoping Europe will allow us access to the single market without abiding by its rules which it will never do, and with senior Cabinet members openly debating the merits of a negotiating position which ‘threatens’ Europe with a no-deal Brexit.

This is the equivalent of holding a negotiation on the top floor of a high-rise building and ‘threatening’ to jump out of the window if our demands are not met.

The whole thing has become so protracted that it has numbed our outrage.

The Prime Minister is more a hostage than a leader as a result of the competing factions in the Conservative Party.

Mr Corbyn, meanwhile, neglects to lead the fight here at home over an issue which literally determines the future of Britain.

Mr Blair will say Parliament must assert itself because neither Government nor Opposition can or will.

News Source MirrorNews

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