The brains behind Cards Against Humanity are making fortune cookies with their own, unique twist


Sweet, lovely fortune cookies. Even if you think anything prophecy or horoscope related is utter nonsense, it’s hard to resist cracking one open and seeing what’s what.

You know you’re in safe hands with a fortune cookie’s vague, but well-meant message.

They’re just a bit of harmless fun . Not harbingers of doom, death and destruction.

Or, at least, they weren’t .

Now the twisted minds behind Cards Against Humanity have given fortune cookies a bit of a do over.

And forget about getting an encouraging, good-natured message – these are NOWHERE to be seen.

Well, why not? And if you’re in the habit of throwing dinner parties for people you hate, then these are perfect.

Doing EXACTLY what they say on the tin, ‘Horrible Fortune Cookies’ were launched this week to promote Cards Against Humanity’s new delivery company Blackbox, the Metro reports.

Conversation drying up by the time it’s the dessert course?

Talk of rhinoplasty, death and the effects of global warming are bound to be a talking point over coffee.

But what else did you expect from the creators of something which describes itself as “a party game for horrible people”?

You probably have it at home, anyway.

Though there is a slight difference between these cookies.

By removing the participatory nature of the game, you’re effectively forcing your guests to laugh awkwardly and fakely.

Still interested?

They come in boxes of 15, they cost $10 (£7.50) and – best of all – they deliver to the UK.

You can order yours on the OK Cookie Co. website here .

We hope they at least taste nice.

News Source MirrorNews

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