Terror as mother and her two children are trapped at highest point on roller coaster for 45 minutes


A mother and her two children have been trapped on a rollercoaster for almost an hour after the ride broke down and became stuck at its highest point.

The Crazy Mouse roller coaster ride promised the woman and her kids “A breathtaking ride with adrenaline guaranteed”.

But this proved too true when the ride suddenly stopped as the car was at the highest point.

The car was jammed on the railings in dark light for 45 minutes as the night rescue unfolded.

The incident occurred at the Knabenschiessen festival in Zurich, Switzerland.

One of the ride’s staff climbed up to reassure the terrified family.

He then remained with them to calm the children’s nerves while his colleagues worked on solving the problem.

However, their attempts to fix the ride failed, and the fire brigade had to be called in to rescue the family of three.

The fire brigade used an extended ladder to reach the family and bring them safely back down to the ground.

According to the fire brigade, the woman and her children remained unharmed during the ordeal.

A firefighter said: “I have never experienced such a thing like this at a fun fair during my entire life as a firefighter.”

The spokesman for the local funfair, Stefan R. Bachmann, said: “We assume it is a technical malfunction.

“The roller coaster will remain closed for security reasons in any case.

“In the meantime the matter was resolved effectively and efficiently thanks to the emergency workers.”

Experts are investigating what caused the technical problem.

News Source MirrorNews

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