Talented photographers take beautiful shots of their furry friends

Talented photographers take beautiful shots of their furry friends

From dusting a horse’s flowing mane in brightly coloured corn flour to dressing dogs in frills to create a lovable version of a horror movie clown, three talented photographers have gone to great lengths to capture outstanding shots of their furry best friends.

Victorian photographers Louise Sedgman, Jacinta Dal Ben and Erin King have taken out the top three prizes in the pet photography section of the Victorian Australian Institute of Professional Photography awards.

Ms Sedgeman’s collection of horses impressed the judges so much that she took out the top prize after entering four amazing images.

‘Captured up close for a client as her beautiful Friesian filly cantered towards me. The light was reflecting off the white sand of the arena and created the beautiful glow of her mane and eye, which I love,’ Louise Sedgeman said of her photo

‘One of the best howl-o-ween dog costumes I have ever seen, how could I not do it justice and create a cover shot to illustrate ‘IT’,’ Erin King said of this entry in the competition 

Jacinta Dal Ben loves taking pictures of kittens and puppies positioned as newborn babies – the kittens above are swaddled and placed in their nest

The first image peeks through the doorway of a shed to capture ‘Teeko’, a client’s horse. The second was taken at a castle during a jousting competition and shows the horse in deep concentration.

In the third photo the mane of the Friesian filly pictured is highlighted by the sun and in the final image Ms Sedgeman had a friend pour coloured cornflour on her daughter’s horse before sending him cantering up the paddock.

The huge number of entrants reflects the sudden interest in pet photography, according to the judges, who had a tough job deciding between the many images.

Dal Ben was awarded the honour of becoming a finalist in the tight field – she specialises in taking photos of puppies and kittens like this amazing specimen

‘Seeing as my girl, Peanut, is my main inspiration into pet photography, I have to create an image as a homage to her each year for the awards,’ entrant Erin King said

‘Taken at a castle during a jousting event with two beautiful horses. The grey horse particularly took my eye with his swirling mane and beautiful bridle,’ Ms Sedgeman said

Jacinta Dal Ben was awarded the honour of becoming a finalist in the tight field – she specialises in taking photos of kittens and puppies.

Ms Dal Ben positions the animals like newborns in her very cute shoots which include kittens in swaddles.

The second finalist in the field was Erin King, who has been competing in the pet category for the last three years.

Another of Ms Dal Ben’s ‘baby-inspired’ kitten shots – the kitten is swaddled in a brown wrap for the photograph

‘Bandit’s owner sent his image to me for a recent dog model call out I posted on Facebook. But when I saw his face, the original photo idea that I was seeking models for went straight out the window and instead I wanted to create an image specifically around this dog,’ Ms King said

This kitten is in a wreath as well as its baby swaddle – the photographer loves to take pictures of puppies and baby cats

‘I aim to show the beauty of our animals by creating photos that show us their life was special, they meant something to us and ultimately that they were loved. I believe in expressing the love we have for our animals,’ Ms King said.

‘I’m also an avid animal lover, crazy dog lady and proud dog mum, supporter of animal rescue and animal rights. 

‘My own dog and the relationship we share has attributed to my inspiration in wanting to capture this love and relationship for others.’  

The awards were judged on April 11. 

Inspired by the colour run Ms Sedgeman had cornflour poured onto her daughter’s pony – it created the illusion of flames

This image was shot as the cover of a fundraising photobook project, telling the heartwarming stories of Melbourne rescue dogs

‘I really wanted to accentuate his gorgeous palomino colour and western bridle and just love his cheeky expression,’ Ms Sedgeman said


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