Stepping Hill Hospital evacuated after twelve staff fall ill due to unknown substance


A section of Stepping Hill Hospital has been evacuated after an unknown substance caused staff to become ill.

Fire crews were called to the hospital at around 4.20pm on Saturday after receiving reports that the substance had caused staff to develop sore throats.

The substance has not yet been identified, the Manchester Evening News reports.

A patient visited the hospital for treatment for an eye irritation, and brought a sample of the substance with them.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service was alerted after around 12 members of staff started to suffer from sore throats as a result of being in contact with the substance.

Crews from Stockport and Hyde are still on the scene while the hazardous materials crew carries out tests to determine what it is.

Part of the paediatrics department was evacuated and remains cordoned off as a precaution.

Reader Clare Bridge spotted cars being turned away from the site and staff congregating outside, while crews continue their work inside.

News Source MirrorNews

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