Staff praised for ‘brilliance’ as NHS turns 70

Staff praised for 'brilliance' as NHS turns 70

Chief executive Simon Stevens says the service’s success is due to the brilliance of its 1.5 million doctors, nurses, ambulance staff, therapists, porters, caterers and others who, along with volunteers, make up the biggest care team in the world.

In a message recorded in an ambulance control room, Mr Stevens said It’s a time of celebration, looking back over seven decades when we’re all living a lot longer and healthier, more than 10 years extra.

#NHS chief executive Simon Stevens has today sent a message of heartfelt thanks to staff on the health service’s 70th anniversary, saying that the NHS’s enduring success is down to their brilliance. #NHS70

We’ve seen amazing medical advances, whether its organ transplantations or new cures for cancer or vaccines.

But the reason why the health service does so well is frankly due to the brilliance of the staff.

So, although this is our birthday, today our ambulance crews, here in the ambulance control room where I’m standing, our community nurses, our midwives welcoming new babies into the world, people who are going to be visiting their GP today…

Staff are going to be doing what they do day in day out.

And it’s frankly because of the staff of the health service that the nation has just re-committed to the idea of a health service, there when you need us based on how sick you are – not whether you can afford us, a principle that has stood the test of time.

On that basis, we should use this moment to say a heartfelt thank you to the million-and-a-half staff of the National Health Service for everything you do for all of us and for our families, day in, day out.

The day will see celebrations around the country, including thousands of Big 7Tea events to thank staff and raise awareness of NHS charities.

There will also be services at Westminster Abbey and York Minster to thank staff and patients.

Ethel Armstrong, an 87-year-old former nurse cadet and radiographer – who was working in the NHS on its first day – will be running the @NHS Twitter account.

News Source SkyNews

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