Spooky CCTV footage captures ‘ghost’ walking through restaurant on site of underground crypt


This spooky CCTV footage appears to show a ‘ ghost ‘ walking through a restaurant built on the site of an underground crypt.

Manager Paul Wood got a fright when his phone alerted him to something setting off the security cameras in The Keys restaurant.

But he was shocked when he glanced at the screen to see what looked like a bright white apparition passing through the eatery, based in the crypt Huddersfield Parish church’s vault in West Yorkshire.

He told the Huddersfield Examiner : If something sets the camera off when the restaurant is closed we get pictures sent to my phone, so I can be sitting at home watching the burglar and ringing the police.

The alarm went off and i saw a ghostly figure walk past.

“I have just come out of hospital with a bit of a heart problem so it made me miss a beat.

I went down and tested the camera and it was working fine.

The restaurant is a very spooky place – there’s something about it but you can’t put your finger on what it is. You get a bit of a tingle down your spine.

The floor is made of gravestones. There’s been a church there for about 1,000 years so there’s a bit of scope.

The church does have access and a couple of days later I found out the curate had let himself in that day. A defect with the camera must have made him look like a ghost, but it’s never happened before.

But you can see the counter where his legs should be – and strangely, it didn’t pick him up leaving…

But parish church curate Simon Crook has rejected the idea that it could be a ghost and is convinced the figure is him.

He said: I went down into the crypt to do some photocopying that day and I must have set the alarm off as I went down.

The camera just caught me and sent a picture to Paul’s phone. He thought a ghost had set the CCTV off.

It’s not really spooky, but it’s a crypt and it’s where they used to bury people.

Lots of people come to church looking for help, saying they have seen a ghost or have evidence of it, but there’s nearly always a very straightforward explanation and nothing sinister whatsoever.

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