South American lungfish pulled from the water after biting hapless dog found to have ‘human TEETH’


A fisherman was stunned after pulling a bizarre creature from the water that looked as if it had human TEETH.

Raul Silva was out fishing close to his village of Puerto Alvear, in the north-eastern Argentine province of Entre Rios when he suddenly spotted something in the water.

Silva, 44, told how he thought it was an eel at first but quickly got scared when it bit a dog and “made it scream”.

He caught the fish which he said has small fins next to its head as well as what look like tiny legs near its tail.

When he opened its mouth he was also surprised to see “square teeth, much like that of a human”.

The fisherman said that in all the years he has been fishing he had “never seen anything like it” and added that he had put the weird fish in his freezer in case “anybody wants to study it”.

The South American lungfish is the only species of lungfish found in swamps and the slow-moving waters of the Amazon, of Paraguay, and in the lower Parana River basins in South America. Relatively little is known about it.

It breathes air and its fins are connected to the shoulder by a single bone, which is a marked difference from most fish, whose fins usually have at least four bones at their base.

Young lungfish feed on insects and snails, but adults are omnivorous, adding algae and shrimp to their diets, crushing them with their strong teeth.

Earlier this year, a similarly-peculiar fish was pulled out of a pond in Russia.

The 20cm-long piranha-like Pacu was found in a Russian pond in the town of Tula’s central park.

It is nicknamed ‘The Nutcracker’ due to fishermen’s belief that it can bite off the testicles of a man in one go.

News Source MirrorNews

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