Shocking moment woman has meltdown on Spirit Airlines flight diverted for a medical emergency

A woman was caught on video throwing an angry tantrum aboard a Spirit Airlines flight after the aircraft was diverted due to a medical emergency.

After it was announced that the flight from Houston to Minneapolis would change course to accommodate the emergency, the woman frantically began to scream and sprint towards the front of the plane.

Video of her rampage shows her shrieking at the top of her lungs, her voice cracking, as she yells ‘Get me the f*** off this God d*** f***ing plane’.

The clip of her meltdown was posted Monday morning and has gone viral with more than 117,000 views.

A woman was filmed throwing an angry tirade on a Spirit Airlines flight from Houston to Minneapolis on Monday morning

She told off a woman who appeared to be a flight attendant behind her saying ‘You wanna be s****y and b****y to me, you will see me f***ing pissed. You will!’

‘You wanna be s****y and b****y to me, you will see me f***ing pissed. You will!’ she threatens a flight attendant walking behind her.

A tall man then stands up in front of her, seemingly in an attempt to calm her down. 

The woman then menacingly yells at him and raises her fist at him.  

When he tries to reason with her she says ‘You know who my brothers are? They’re f***ing marine snipers! You want to f*** with a f***ing marine?’

She then pushes past the man screaming ‘Go to f***ing hell!’

In her rampage she cursed at passengers that stood in her way as she sprinted to the front of the aircraft demanding to be let off the plane 

In the video posted Monday morning she yelled ‘Get me the f*** off this God d*** f***ing plane’

At the end of the minute long video she walks back to the end of the plane crying and whimpering before police escort her off the aircraft

‘You want know to know what hell is? I’ve f***ing been there! In f***ing side. You want to know what happened to my family?’

Her voice then shoots up several octaves. 

Passengers on the plane are seen worriedly looking around as one woman says ‘I don’t think she’s okay’. 

The minute long clip ends with the woman walking back to her seat towards the end of the plane, crying and whimpering in despair.   

She was later escorted off the plane by police, according to KPRC2.  

News Source DailyMailsNews

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