Shocking moment monkey PUNCHES little girl in the face knocking her to the floor

Talk about monkey business!

Video footage shows the shocking moment a cheeky monkey loses its cool, punching a young girl in the face and sending her flying backwards from the blow.

The clip begins with the girl and her mother feeding simply feeding a monkey, who is happily shoveling food into its mouth.

The woman then teased the primate, who seemingly exacted revenge by punching the little girl in the face.

The force of the blow caused the youngster to fall backwards, tumbling down some steps and landing in a heap at the bottom.

The video was shared by The China Global TV Network (AKA CGTN, a group of six international television channels owned by Chinese Central Television).

It was not revealed whether the girl was hurt and no further information was made available about her identity or whereabouts in China.

The type of monkey was not revealed.

News Source MirrorNews

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