Sex workers reveal weirdest things they’ve been asked to do – including pelting a client with ORANGES


Dozens of sex workers have come forward to reveal the weirdest things they’ve been asked to do – and how much they charged.

The bizarre responses range from a gay man who was asked to pelt a client with oranges every fortnight to a businessman who wanted a prostitute to urinate on his desk while he was on the phone.

In most cases the amount of money involved is huge – with hourly rates of as much as $1,500 among those reported.

Some clients even paid extra to take home sex workers’ underwear or to act out their bizarre fetishes.

They were responding to a question on Reddit saying: “Sex workers of reddit, what’s the strangest thing you’ve been asked to do and how much was offered for it?”

Here are the six weirdest things sex workers have done…

“He wanted me to do his taxes with no pants on. $300/ hour.”

“My buddy showed up at the client’s home where he was led into the garage and shown a 50 gallon barrel. Filled with oranges.

“The client went into the opposite corner of the garage, stripped down naked, and asked my buddy to throw the oranges at him.

“As Buddy tells it: ‘Man, I’m gay and everything. But I was a college baseball player. I throw in the high 80’s. Are you SURE you want me to do this?’

“Client LOVED HIM. Buddy plunked the guy for 20 minutes and got asked back every two weeks for the next 3 years. No sex. Just oranges. C’est la vie.”

“I had a man once ask how much it would cost to get naked, wear sailor hats, get into a jacuzzi filled with pepto bismal, shave his ass and clip his toe nails.”

“Former NY stripper checking in, I did escort work on the side.

I had a rather well off client want me to dress up as a maid, walk in to his office while he was on the phone, squat on his desk, and pee all over it and him.

“I got $1,500 for that hour, $500 for dressing up, $500 for peeing on his desk, and $500 because he wanted me to keep it a secret.”

“An older man who wanted to f**k in the changing rooms – of his shop.

“He tried to pay me in corsets at first, but we agreed cash + a discount on merchandise.

“I’d run into guys who wanted to f**k in public before, but they didn’t usually own the premises.”

“A friend of mine brought a prostitute home. Paid good money for her. All well and good.

“Then she asked where is the washroom. She went in and didn’t come back for 30 minutes.

“We thought something must be wrong. The door was locked and no answer. Finally we found out that she had escaped by the window. Never to see her again.

“And the pimp was like: it is your problem, you should have made sure this doesn’t happen. We can’t refund.”

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