Selfie generation ‘more interested in making a difference than climbing career ladder’


The young selfie generation is adopting a selfless attitude to work by seeking careers they believe will make a positive difference to the world, according to new research.

A survey of over 1,000 people aged 16 to 25 by the Co-op showed that for the under-20s, making a positive difference has a bigger appeal than climbing the career ladder.

Money was the main motivating factor for jobs, followed by doing interesting or challenging work and helping to improve the lives of others.

One in four said they were motivated by a company’s reputation.

Sharon Pegg of the Co-op said: “The fact that young people are motivated by making a positive difference to society should be welcomed by employers.

“Doing business doesn’t always have to be about generating high returns – it can also be about putting something positive back into local communities.

“Our poll also reveals that young people are motivated by challenging and interesting work with very few interested in simply holding a steady job.

“That’s great news for employers looking to take on young people because greater ambition often equates to high productivity in the workplace.”

News Source TelegraphNews

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