Security camera captures earthquake-like crash as huge lorry ploughs through toll booth seriously injuring two workers


Security cameras caught the terrifying seconds a huge lorry ploughed through a motorway toll booth, seriously injuring two women workers.

A CCTV camera caught the pair relaxing as they took a break on their shift.

One of the women appears to be sat at the entrance to the booth at the toll station in Dalian, in north-eastern China’s Liaoning Province.

The other is sat on a stool beside one of the booth’s cash tills and can be seen blowing her nose.

But seconds into the video the camera’s image begins to shake as the women look around to try to work out what is going on.

Moments later they can be seen being hurled from the booth and an external camera shows the lorry trailer pulling the booth from its foundations and rolling it over.

According to local authorities, the auto-transport semi-trailer measuring about 40 metres (131 feet) was carrying a cargo of new vehicles when it attempted to pass through the station at around 12:45am.

A part of the trailer is thought to have collided with the booth, which was pulled from its base and toppled onto its side, with the structure eventually landing in a heap of twisted metal.

Rescuers arrived at the toll booth to find both women seriously injured.

They were later taken to the Third People’s Hospital of Dalian, where one has been diagnosed with spinal cord injuries.

The other who is also still in hospital had unspecified injuries.

Dalian City police said the outbound auto-transport lorry was pulling a type of modified trailer that will be outlawed on Chinese motorways as of 21st September.

The trailer model has been considered too long by transportation officials, who have found that it is difficult for drivers to turn and generally navigate, increasing the risk of accidents.

Further investigation is now under way.

News Source MirrorNews

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