Second prison worker has fling with murderer who killed teenage girl


A murderer who strangled his teenage girlfriend has been caught having a relationship with another prison employee.

Sian Cooper, 52, began a relationship with Alan Dalby, 35, after she got a job as a sports therapist and education tutor at his jail.

She sent him indecent images of herself and explicit love letters while he was at HMP Warren Hill prison near Woodbridge, Suffolk.

It comes after female prison officer resigned after also having a relationship with him in 2009 while he was at HMP Swaleside on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent.

Dalby was jailed for life at Maidstone Crown Court in 2002 after being convicted of murdering his 18-year-old girlfriend, student Natalie Janiak.

The killer of Blackheath, south-east London, had become obsessed with the teenager and strangled her with his Calvin Klein belt after having sex with her in his van.

Cooper, of Ipswich, Suffolk, now faces jail after admitting a charge of misconduct in a judicial or public office by forming an inappropriate relationship with a prisoner between August 2014 and July last year.

Cooper took him food, gave him a Ted Baker notepad and a Whitney Houston CD.

She has been sacked from her post at the 257-inmate Category C jail.

Prosecutor William Carter said indecent images were found on her phone.

“He requested such images and the mere fact he felt able to also tells its own tale,” he said.

“Images of the kind requested were found on her phone. Whether she sent them or not the Crown will say doesn’t really matter that much.

“The fact is she took them and he felt he was able to ask for them.

“He felt able to ask for prohibited items and she left herself wide open to blackmail or corruption.”

Judge Rupert Overbury has bailed her until October 3 for sentencing at Ipswich Crown Court.

Cooper refused to comment.

Prison officer Shirley Fowle, 42, was reported in 2009 to have been charmed by Dalby at HMP Swaleside, a Category B jail.

Suspicion allegedly fell on her after Dalby was caught with two smuggled mobiles and had cash paid into his prison account.

But Miss Fowle is said to have quit before an investigation could be completed.

Fowle reportedly admitted at the time that she had been having a relationship with Dalby, but denied having sex with him.

The Prison Service said in 2009 that an officer had “resigned following allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a prisoner”.

News Source TelegraphNews

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