School accused of hosting fight club as two teens filmed brawling in front of teacher


This shocking video of two teens fighting in a school gym has outraged parents as a teacher failed to intervene.

Police are now investigating the footage after it was uploaded with the headline “fight club”.

The shaky footage was recorded in a school and shows the two boys punching and attacking one another as a teacher looks on.

A crowd of their classmates are also watching the fight as one of the lads tries to slam the other into the ground at Nichols Junior High in Arlington, Texas in the USA.

Lt. Christopher Cook from Arlington Police said: “It’s really concerning to us when you see the video.

“Pretty egregious. Hard to watch as a parent.”

The fight happened a few weeks ago, but the video was posted to YouTube on yesterday with the title, Junior High Coaches Host Fight.

But a school spokesman Leslie Johnsonn said: “This was not a fight club, and the adult in the video was a substitute.”

The substitute teacher is believed to have been suspended and the police are still investigating.

News Source MirrorNews

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