Sainsbury’s in sexism row after offering 21 World Cup items for boys and just ONE for girls

Sainsbury's in sexism row after offering 21 World Cup items for boys and just ONE for girls

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has been shown the red card amid sexism claims after offering 21 World Cup items for boys and just one for girls.

Women’s rights campaigners cried foul as it was revealed the only product aimed at girls was a T-shirt with the word LOVE in sequins with the O removed and replaced with a football.

But boys could choose from England T-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, vests and pyjamas at Sainsbury’s online site for its Tu clothing label.

The Fawcett Society which battles inequality slammed marketing like this as outdated and lacking imagination.

Chief executive Sam Smethers said It’s harmful because the message to girls is football isn’t for you. Why not just have a ‘for kids’ range which any and every child can see as being for them?

Parents and children are increasingly resisting these lazy stereotypes. Retailers should do the same.

The matter was first highlighted by shopper Sarah Palfreeman who noted the lads 21, lasses 1 World Cup gear online.

Venting her fury on Twitter she posted The difference between @sainsburys ‘girl’ World Cup clothes vs ‘boys’ is shocking. Young girls enjoy football too.

Yesterday Sainsbury’s said the girls and boys World Cup clothing lines were an online error and it had removed all reference to gender specific gear.

A spokesperson said Our World Cup clothing range is of course available to all children. We have corrected the error on our website.

We haven’t labelled clothes as ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ on our website for several years and there is no distinction in stores.

The row follows accusations of sexism by former Manchester Utd ace Patrice Evra who patronisingly applauded England women’s star and Juventus striker Eni Aluko for her match analysis of the Costa Rica versus Serbia match on ITV on Sunday.


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