Rubble And Ruins In Battle For Syria’s Aleppo


The footage, which has not been independently verified, is believed to have been filmed in the neighbourhood of Ramouseh, where government forces have been battling Syrian rebels.

Soldiers loyal to President Bashar al Assad have reportedly captured Ramouseh from rebel groups with the help of allied groups, including Lebanese Hizbollah fighters.

Syrian forces have intensified their attacks on rebel-held regions in Aleppo over recent days after claiming control of a key road in the city’s south this week.

Aleppo has been ravaged by fighting since the rebels seized eastern districts of the city in 2012.

In early August, rebels broke a government siege by opening up a new supply route following intense battles with pro-regime soldiers.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a key commander of Syria’s largest rebel coalition was killed during the latest government offensive.

Commander Abu Omar Saraqeb from Fateh al Sham, formerly known as the al Nusra front, was reportedly killed in an airstrike near Aleppo.

Fateh al Sham is a leading member of the Army of Conquest alliance, which groups its fighters with those of Islamist factions such as Ahrar al Sham.

The Observatory said unidentified aircraft hit an Army of Conquest meeting on Thursday night, killing Saraqeb and another rebel commander named as Abu Muslim al Shami.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said the US military was not involved in the attack.

“It was not a US strike,” he said.

A US defence official later told the AFP news agency that Russia was the “leading suspect” in the strike.

The ongoing fighting in Aleppo came as US and Russian officials brokered a deal calling for a nationwide cessation of hostilities to begin on 12 September.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said he hopes the agreement, forged with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, could be a “turning point” which ends the civil war and leads to political transition in Syria.

News Source SkyNews

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