Romantic husband celebrates wife’s 50th birthday in style with one present for every year she’s been alive


A husband has set the standard for spouses everywhere with a 50th birthday surprise which left his wife in tears.

Selwyn Jones decided to push the boat out for his wife Tracy’s special day – by buying her a present for every year she’s been alive.

Wales Online reports the gifts included a diamond Vera Wang ring to a trip to the Maldives to renew their wedding vows, the gifts – which were all wrapped professionally – are nothing short of spectacular.

“I started buying the gifts at the start of the year after I saw a man in America do the same,” Selwyn, from St Fagans, said.

“I bought all the big gifts first then carried on buying around one or two things a week.”

The night before Tracy’s birthday on Wednesday, Selwyn spent hours arranging the gifts – eventually heading to bed at around midnight.

“I was more excited than her I think”, Selwyn said.

“When she came downstairs in the morning I had ‘three times a lady’ playing in the background and she was absolutely bawling.

“She cried for around an hour and a half – and I was just as emotional.”

Selwyn – who is also 50 – said he wanted to push out all the stop’s for his wife’s milestone birthday this year because the couple are also celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.

“It was Tracy’s 50th birthday and our 30th wedding anniversary, so all the dates just fell into place and I wanted to make it extra special.

“Before I gave her the diamond ring I gave her some cards with different messages on them about how happy I am to be renewing our wedding vows – and the last card said ‘every bride needs one of these’ with the ring attached.

“We were both really emotional.”

Selwyn also had 50 cupcakes made for Tracy and the family enjoyed a meal at the Caesars Arms in Creigiau on Wednesday.

News Source MirrorNews

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