Rival girl gangs square up for brutal fight as crowd of onlookers cheer them on


This shocking footage shows the brutal clash between to women representing their rival gangs.

Both the girls smile at the camera before one suddenly starts walking towards the other and the fight begins.

Witnesses recorded the action, with local reports saying one of the main protagonist goes by the nickname “Ladyez Omega.”

The women can be seen punching and slapping each other viciously, before grabbing onto each other’s hair while spectators cheer them on.

One girl can be heard saying: “Get on top of her on the ground Tanya.”

The girls tussle around until one of them manages to push the other back behind a metal barrier onto the ground.

At this point a male bystander apparently decides they had had enough and separates the girls, whose scalps look red from all the hair pulling.

Some of the watchers complain saying: “Come on let them fight,” but the two girls are wrenched apart.

The video, said to have been shot in the city of Saltillo in Mexico, has been viewed over 40,000 times since being shared online, prompted concern from social media users.

One user wrote: “This is part of the social decomposition we are experiencing.”

Another commented: “Good on the person who separates them, a conscientious citizen.”

An angry user wrote: “I wish they would really hurt themselves, but that’s not really what they want, just attention, it’s all for show.”

News Source MirrorNews

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