Rare ‘double banana’ causes confusion in Paralympic village – but it’s perfectly edible


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Team GB’s Paralympic athletes are already over in Brazil ready to win us a new haul of medals.

But a rare fruit is currently causing more of a stir than any of the sports.

The ‘double banana’ was discovered by some of the cycling team, who were quite clearly amazed – and so they should be.

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In the clip, Team GB cycling coach Pete Mitchell expresses his excitement and disbelief at the find, before peeling the skin back to reveal the double fruit inside.

And then he does a little taste test. He doesn’t seem too upset, so we imagine it just tastes like a normal banana.

The video was posted to Twitter by Neil Fachie , a Scottish Paralympic athlete competing in events for individuals with a visual impairment.

In 2010 when a fun runner in London came across a double banana, plant scientist Ken Manning from the University of Warwick told Mail Online that he had never seen one before.

‘It’s very, very unusual,’ he added, before explaining it was likely to have been caused during the fruit’s early development.

A spokesman for The Caribbean Banana Exporters Association also expressed his surprise at the time, saying that they had never encountered any double bananas before.

News Source MirrorNews

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