Putin’s ‘beautiful hookers’, Theresa May’s phone call and jail rape jokes 5 things we learned from Comey Memos

While still in the job, former FBI director James Comey made a series of memos detailing his private conversations with Donald Trump.

Perhaps sensibly, he predicted they might come in useful one day.

On Thursday, they were handed over to politicians in the US to examine as they investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Inevitably, the memos were leaked to the media in a matter of hours.

Partially redacted, they include notes on meetings at Trump Tower and the White House between January and May last year when Comey was fired.

Here’s five of the more memorable anecdotes contained in them

The President brought up the Golden Showers thing and said it really bothers him if his wife had any doubt about it.

He then explained, as he did at our dinner, that he hadn’t stayed overnight in Russia during the Miss Universe trip.

Twice during this part of the conversation, Reince [Priebus, former Chief of Staff] tried to interject a comment about the [redacted] and why it was even in there, but the President ignored him.



The President said the hookers thing is nonsense but that Putin had told him we have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world. [He did not say when Putin had told him this and I don’t recall [redacted]

I said the Russians allegedly had tapes involving him and prostitutes at the Presidential Suite at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow from about 2013.

He interjected, there were no prostitutes, there were never prostitutes.

He then said something about him being the kind of guy who didn’t need to go there and laughed (which I understood to be communicating that he didn’t need to pay for sex).


He said 2013 to himself, as if trying to remember that period of time, but didn’t add anything.

He said he always assumed that hotel rooms he stayed in when he travels are wired in some way. I replied that I do as well.

He asked whether the FBI leaks and i answered that of course in an organisation of 36,000 we were going to have some of that, but I said I think the FBI leaks far less than people often say.

I predicted he, like all Presidents, would discover the entire government leaks like crazy and explained that it often comes from the first of second hop out from those actually working on the sensitive thing.

He replied that he needed loyalty and expected loyalty.


I did not reply, or even nod or change my facial expression, which he noted because we came back to it later.

He then went on to explain that he has serious reservations about [former national security adviser] Mike Flynn’s judgment and illustrated with a story from that day in which the President apparently discovered during his toast to Teresa May (sic) that [redacted] had called four days ago.

Apparently, as the President was toasting PM May, he was explaining that she had been the first to call him after his inauguration and Flynn interrupted to say that [redacted] had called (first apparently).

It was then that the President learned of [redacted] call he confronted Flynn about it (not clear whether that was in the moment of after the lunch with PM May).



Flynn said the return call was scheduled for Saturday, which prompted a heated reply from the President that six days was not an appropriate time to return a call from the the [redcated] of a country like [redacted].

This isn’t [redcated] we’re talking about.

He said that if he called [redacted] and didn’t get a return call for six days he would be very upset. In telling the story, the President pointed his fingers at his head and said the guy has serious judgment issues.


The President then wrapped up our conversation by returning to the issues of finding leakers.

I said something about the value of putting a head on a pike as a message.

He replied by saying it may involve putting reporters in jail.

They spend a couple days in jail, make a new friend, and they are ready to talk.

I laughed as I walked to the door Reince Priebus had opened.


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