Police searching LAX after reports of shooting proven to be loud noises


Authorities are investigating after reports of an active shooter at LAX brought authorities to close part of the airport on Sunday night.

AIRPORT CTA ingress traffic closed for police activity. “>LAXtraffic

Authorities blocked off the entrance to the airport on Sunday night due to the police activity, airport police said. 

“Police searching LAX after reports. All precautions being taken to ensure safety of public. Remain calm. Thank you for your cooperation,” airport police said on Twitter.

The LAPD said that the reports of a shooter had come from two callers, but police have found no evidence to confirm the claims, American newscaster CBS said. 

NBC anchor Lester Holt said that ha was arriving at LAX when people started “pouring out of term 4 onto Tarmac.” He said on Twitter that “security said shots fired. Run!”

Arriving at LAX off flight when people started pouring out of term 4 onto Tarmac. Security said “shots fired. Run!” Now in vehicle on taxiwy

A witness told Holt that she heard “pops” at Terminal 4, while another said that they only heard the call to run. He added that people that had been evacuated to the tarmac are being allowed back in,

Witness tells me she heard “pops” in lax term 4. Others say they just heard “run!” Those evacuated to Tarmac just allowed back in.

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News Source TelegraphNews

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