Police post warning against illegal raves – and it backfires spectacularly


Police in Bristol have seen a serious warning against raves go viral on Facebook for all the wrong reasons.

Avon and Somerset Police took to social media to warn residents about the illegal rave scene.

But their post, which has been shared more than 2,000 times, has caused widespread amusement.

Strangely, the first message to locals actually makes raves sound quite inviting: “Picture the scene…it’s bank holiday weekend, the weather has been beautiful, the night is warm, windows are open but you can’t sleep over the thudding bass from an illegal rave”.

As a result, members of the public were all too eager to comment on the police force’s approach.

“You have literally sold it to me. You should do party lines!!” said Andrew Gurnsey.

Kyle Wytchwood added: “Thanks for sorting out my weekend Avon and Somerset Police. I will be keeping a careful eye out for this sort of fun activity and will be sure not to invite you or your friends”.

Others were quick to mention that it’s not only “young people” who organise raves, while some suggest that partying in rural locations is a much attractive option than the country’s town centres, which are full of “kebab boxes and broken glass”.

A lot of people even parodied Avon and Somerset Police’s introduction.

Ned Roberts wrote: “Know the signs: Sudden influx of happy, polite people in your village, buying all of the beer from the shop, total strangers hugging and being lovely to each other, gales of laughter, bored local youth excited for the first time in months, local dogging spot having never looked tidier”.

And Barnaby Adams said: “Picture the scene… it’s Sunday morning and there is nothing but the sound of birds and the trees being blown in the wind. There is a rave going on somewhere but it cannot be heard because the organisers have been respectful enough choose a location that doesn’t affect local residents”.

But not everybody was angered by the police’s message. Officers set out a number of reasons detailing why authorities try to prevent rural fun.

According to the Bristol Post , there have been numerous raves in the countryside around Somerset throughout the summer.

Superintendent Mike Prior was quoted in a lengthy message on the police force website.

We understand that the majority of people who attend raves just want to have a good time, but they need to understand the wider impact”, he said.

But Prior will probably be a little annoyed to see the Facebook post backfire so spectacularly.

One of his key points of advice to residents is to look out for “lots of chatter on social media” about peculiar goings on in rural locations.

“There’s lots of chatter on social media about raves now,” said Christian Bodden. “Specifically on Avon and Somerset Police’s page. Maybe they’re organising one…”

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