Police identify woman who jumped on ambulance

Police identify woman who jumped on ambulance

The woman was pictured on a London Ambulance Service (LAS) response vehicle’s bonnet as supporters blocked traffic outside Borough Market near London Bridge in the capital.

The vehicle suffered a dented bonnet and a smashed windscreen after she and others – who have not been identified – were pictured standing on top of it while a medic responded to a call nearby.

Social media users had been spreading the message to try to find her.

We’re delighted with the result, but this has put a big dampener on the celebrations for us while our officer attended a call nearby, this car was damaged in Borough High Street during the celebrations after the game – it’s now off the road to be repaired. pic.twitter.com/V71kOEn4OO

Poplar Police tweeted on Sunday night Identified. Many thanks to all for sharing. Now it’s our turn.

It is not known if she has been arrested or charged.

LAS had said there was no excuse for the vandalism which meant the car had to be taken off the road to be fixed.

In a tweet following the incident, LAS said This vehicle is now off the road and unable to respond to patients.

We are better than this England…

A picture of the girl on the bonnet was tweeted out by Met Police forces on Saturday evening.

A few men were also pictured on the vehicle’s roof as football fans thronged the car and cheered them on.

They have not been identified.

News Source SkyNews

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