Police close in on Queensland cold murder case

Police believe the killer who shot dead a mother-of-three more than two decades ago may have confessed to the murder several times.

Homicide detectives are closing in on the killer of Dorothy Britton, 48, who was shot in the head at her Airlie Beach home in Queensland 22 years ago.

Queensland Police Detective Senior Sergeant Chris Knight believes the killer ‘has spoken about their involvement in Dorothy’s murder’ and on Thursday called for them to come forward.

Police believe the killer of Queensland mother-of-three Dorothy Britton more than two decades ago may have confessed multiple times

Homicide detectives are closing in on the murderer of Ms Britton, 48, who was shot in the head at her Airlie Beach home 22 years ago

‘I’m confident now to state that we believe the person responsible for murdering Dorothy was a close associate of hers,’ he told reporters in Brisbane.

‘They had intimate knowledge of her relationships, her movements, her lifestyle patterns.’

A $250,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons responsible for Ms Britton’s death.

Det Sen Sgt Knight said recent appeals had led to major milestones in the case.

One of Dorothy’s sons last week made a public appeal to solve the cold-case murder.

Adrian Britton said he was desperate to know who shot his mother in March 1996, and said he believed his mum probably knew her killer.

He said suspicion had torn his family apart, and he only trusted his younger brother with ‘every other person on the planet’ considered a suspect.

Adrian Britton son of Dorothy Britton (centre) speaking at a press conference 

Police also believe Ms Britton knew her killer because her attacker would have had to get past a Rottweiler who was fiercely loyal and protective of her and her rural home.

Cold case detectives recently followed up leads in South Australia and north Queensland, and have urged anyone with information to come forward, saying personal relationships and loyalties can change over time.

Dorothy’s body was found after relatives could not reach her and went to check on her.

When they arrived, the front door was open, and the dog was standing on the verandah.

There were no signs of a struggle and Dorothy’s handbag, containing cash, was not touched.

A shotgun missing from the property has never been found. 



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