Police believe John ‘Goldfinger’ Palmer’s murder linked to string of deaths

Police believe John 'Goldfinger' Palmer's murder linked to string of deaths

Police investigating the gangland murder of John Palmer – known as Goldfinger – have linked his case to a string of other unsolved killings. 

Palmer who was believed to be Britain’s richest criminal with a net worth of £300 million was shot dead at his home in South Weald, Essex on June 24, 2015. 

Essex police are linking his murder with the double murder of a British couple in Tenerife in 2006, as well as the murder of British soldier in Tanzania and the death of one of Palmer’s gangland minions. 

Essex Police are investigating whether the gangland murder of Goldfinger John Palmer, pictured, was linked to a string of other deaths including the slaying of a former criminal associate in Spain and his wife

Police believe Palmer’s murder was waiting for him in his garden in an area not covered by CCTV and used a revolver to not leave shell casings at the scene of the crime 

Police initially did not realise for a week that Palmer had been shot five times, believing the blood had come from a recent surgical procedure in his chest which burst open

Billy and Flo Robinson were kidnapped as they drove home separately from a restaurant. Mr Robinson, who was a member of Palmer’s gang, was forced to watch his wife’s murder before he was tortured and had his throat slit. 

Palmer ran a timeshare racket in Tenerife during the 1980s and Spanish police suspect an Eastern European crime gang looking to move in on the business was behind the murder. 

Palmer received his nickname after being acquitted of handling gold bullion following the £26 million Brink’s-Mat raid in 1983. 

According to The Mirror, police are also having a further look at the death of Dennis New, who was found dead three months before Palmer’s murder. 

New was one of the crime lord’s key lieutenants before he moved to Phuket, Thailand. Local police said he died of a heart attack and there were no suspicious circumstances, but now Essex police believe there may be a link. 

One of Palmer’s time share agents, Garry Leigh, 47, was run over while on a cycle ride in Marbella on the Costa del Sol.  

When Essex Police arrived at the scene of Palmer’s murder, officers and paramedics initially thought the 65-year-old had died from natural causes as a result of recent keyhole surgery to his chest – missing the fact he had been shot at close range.

The force confirmed that the officers had not properly inspected his body and did not check his criminal history so were oblivious to his high profile.

It was not until a week later that a post-mortem examination established suspicious circumstances and a murder investigation was launched.

The two officers who were first at the scene were disciplined as a result of their failure to recognise Palmer’s injuries as a gunshot wound.  

Officers originally thought Palmer had died of natural causes because of recent keyhole surgery to his chest, but it later emerged he had been shot six times at close range.

An inquest in 2016 heard there were ‘failings on behalf of Essex Police’ and concluded Palmer was unlawfully killed.

Christina Ketley, Mr Palmer’s partner, said ‘It haunts us every day to think that whoever was responsible was clearly watching John, stalking him like an animal before so brutally and callously ending his life.

‘Losing a loved one is hard enough but in this case we have the added stress of not only not knowing who did it but why.’

Palmer was shot dead in the only part of his garden which was not covered by CCTV. This has led police to believe that he was murdered by a professional hit man 


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