PAULINE MCLYNN: People don’t realise there is a trade which sees British dogs dying on the other side of the world


The dog meat trade in China is a huge problem.

It was heartbreaking that the animal boiled alive was a greyhound . But all sorts of dogs are being tortured like that.

We need to look after these creatures because they are sentient beings, like ourselves.

If you were thrown into a vat of boiling water , you too would die screaming.

The dog meat trade is highly emotive and China has no meaningful animal welfare plan.

Anyone who has a conscience and sees an animal dying in pain should think, ‘That won’t happen on my watch’.

That’s why I am so opposed to it. People just don’t realise that there is a trade which sees British dogs dying on the other side of the world.

Failed or retired greyhounds have a very poor fate ahead of them.

The main thing is to make sure that racing dogs don’t ever get to China.

They are doomed from the moment they are shipped off in crates.

The video highlights the plight of greyhounds but people should know that all dog breeds are suffering.

When Cecil the lion was killed, awareness immediately went up and pressure started to go on the big game hunters.

I hope this boiled greyhound can do a similar thing for the dog meat trade.

News Source MirrorNews

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