Orangutan sheds a tear as he tenderly kisses pregnant woman’s bump in this heartwarming footage


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This adorable footage captured the moment Rajang the orangutan sheds a tear as he kisses a pregnant woman’s naked bump.

The 48-year-old animal made the news last year after kissing another unborn baby and seems mesmerised by the women.

As this new footage shows 20-year-old Kayley Bettany, who was pregnant with daughter Brooke, can be seen standing next to the glass enclosure when Rajang comes over to her.

She lifts her top to uncover her bump and Rajang seems fascinated by it.

He can be seen staring at it before stepping back and stroking the glass, before leaning in and kissing the bump.

Husband Kieran, 21, filming can be heard saying: “Ah, he’s holding it. He’s just looking right at your bump.

“Ah, he’s touching your tummy, it’s amazing.”

Speaking to MailOnline Mrs Bettany said: ‘”When he started playing around with my bump through the glass it amazed me.

“I never thought the orangutan would react this way – he even had a tear in his eye.

“We had to share it with the world because it was just amazing.”

Last year Mirror Online showed footage of Rajang blowing kisses at Maisie Knight’s bump, when she also visited his home at Colchester Zoo .

Maisie was 37 weeks pregnant when he became “fixated” and tried to kiss it through the glass.

Partner Jamie, 22, said: “Rajang ignored me and just stared at Maisie, it seemed like he was intrigued by her and after a few seconds he pointed at her belly.

“I said to her to put her belly to the glass and Rajang started to softly rub the glass where her belly was pressed against it.

“Out of nowhere Rajang leaned forward and kissed the glass. Both our hearts melted and we were filled with excitement and joy.”

News Source MirrorNews

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