One major reason you really shouldn’t drop your phone on a plane – or try to find it yourself


Losing your belongings while jetting off on holiday is the worst.

Where your passport is is usually the main concern, and your boarding pass is important too.

And then you’ve got your phone, wallet, itinerary, hotel information… the list is seemingly endless.

But while aboard the plane, there’s one thing you really should keep an eye on: your phone. For safety reasons, anyway.

Recently, on a Qantas A380 flight, passengers were met with a peculiar announcement.

They were “told to ask the crew for help if they lose their phone, and not, repeat not, try to find it themselves”.

A journalist from technology website The Register witnessed the pre-flight safety briefing, and found out as to why it happened.

The call was issued due to a recent emergency situation on a Qantas flight from Sydney to Dallas-Fort Worth in which cabin crew were alerted to the “presence of smoke in the cabin”.

The Australian Transit Safety Bureau (ATSB) released information of an investigation into the incident that shows a misplaced mobile phone had been smashed.

Wedged in a Business Class seat mechanism was a “crushed personal electronic device”. It was tight in the seat mechanism.

When the crew retrieved the phone, thankfully, it had stopped smoking. But a “strong acrid smell remained in the cabin”, the report said .

The reason the device smoked is because when pressure is applied to a lithium-ion battery, it can short-circuit.

Qantas’ crew put the phone in a jug of water and placed it inside a metal box. The aviation team from the ATSB said this is an excellent example of an effective response to an emergency.

Similar announcements to Qantas’ have been witnessed on British Airways and Cathay Pacific, according to the Telegraph .

So there you have it – losing your mobile phone is probably best avoided. Nobody wants to see smoke on a plane, even if a fire is unlikely.

Qantas told the Telegraph : We’re asking people to keep track of their phone in their seat, and if they do lose it down the side, to let a crew member know and to not move their seat.

“We find this tends to be more of an issue on longer flights and on our Business Class skybeds, where people might have their phone next to them as they relax and it slips down the side of the chair”.

News Source MirrorNews

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